Sunday, August 15, 2010

small win(d)s begins

         Any creative endeavor, to maintain sustainability, needs small win(d)s; little successes that keep one from giving up.  The most obvious being monetary gains.  Making money off of your work validates the effort, emotion, and time used to create. Money may be an easy motivator, but is not easy motivator to obtain or maintain and in some cases may not even be the goal of the process.  More importantly may be the need to feel as if one's life was not a waste.
         For myself, I have thought on what could help me move on with my writing. I am not ready to enter the business world of words, but writing just for its own sake no longer satisfies my needs.  I need something to push me along and encourage me to grow, experiment, and develop my craft.  So I am trying this: a blog.
          There will be no underlining consistency, no overall themes, no schedules, and no promises. This experiment is done in the hope that sharing my work with the invisible society of the internet may help me enjoy writing and decrease the feelings of waste in my life.  Whether you are friends, strangers, enemies, or no one, I open myself up to you and invite you to become the patrons of my small win(d)s.


  1. I think I am going to like a blog with no consistency, schedule or promises. It makes it easy to have no expectations and, likewise, no disappointments. Cool.

  2. I like reading blogs at breakfast time! :D I'd be happy to read yours! :D Should we comment on your writing, or offer criticism?

  3. Do whatever you like: comment, criticize, read during lunch whatever will make this enjoyable.